Local History Enthusiasts Welcome to Lake Minnetonka Historical Society’s Volunteer Open House

The Lake Minnetonka Historical Society (LMHS) extends a warm invitation to the public for a special Volunteer Open House on Saturday, October 14, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This event will take place at the Wayzata City Hall Community Room, 600 Rice Street East, Wayzata. If you’re a history buff or simply looking to get involved in preserving the rich heritage of Lake Minnetonka, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The LMHS is on a mission to enrich the community’s appreciation of Lake Minnetonka’s history, and they need your help. The LMHS recently formed through the consolidation of various historical societies, including the Wayzata Historical Society, Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, Museum of Lake Minnetonka (home of the iconic steamboat Minnehaha), and the Westonka Historical Society, all united on October 1.

This marks the second in a series of Volunteer Open Houses that will be held at different locations around Lake Minnetonka over the coming year.

Visitors to the Open House will have the chance to meet the LMHS board, enjoy light refreshments, and gain insights into the various volunteer opportunities and committees available within this new volunteer-driven organization. Whether you’re interested in a long-term leadership role or want to assist on a short-term, occasional basis, there are roles suitable for everyone. Committees span across areas like Archives/Collections, Development/Fundraising, Marketing/Communications, Merchandise, Museums (including working with the historic streetcar boat “Minnehaha”), and Public Programs. These opportunities cater to a wide range of ages, abilities, interests, schedules, and Lake Minnetonka locations, with virtual options also on the table.

For those unable to attend the Volunteer Open House in person, you can learn more about volunteering and sign up to be contacted at tinyurl.com/m4th7s29.

The Lake Minnetonka Historical Society boasts one of the largest collections of Lake Minnetonka history, both in physical archives and three-dimensional items, accessible in-person and online. By uniting the strengths of the consolidating organizations and with the eventual addition of professional staff, the LMHS plans to expand its mission, telling the story of all of Lake Minnetonka in innovative ways and reaching new audiences. Their focus includes collecting, preserving, and sharing the extensive history of the Lake.

Future endeavors for LMHS include consolidating their archives for best preservation practices and public access, expanding public programs and experiences around the lake, as well as revitalizing the historic 1906 streetcar boat, Minnehaha, for active operation on Lake Minnetonka.

For additional information about this exciting consolidation, you can visit tinyurl.com/33f4umd7.

So, whether you’re a dedicated history aficionado or simply someone looking to get involved in a local cultural gem, the Lake Minnetonka Historical Society’s Volunteer Open House promises a valuable opportunity to contribute to the preservation and appreciation of Lake Minnetonka’s rich heritage.

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