City of Wayzata seeks to raise property tax levy 10.59%

5.37% increase in operational expenses, loss of revenue and staffing needs drive need

The Wayzata City Council will discuss the preliminary property tax levy need for the 2023 City budget on September 6th, 2022.

You can find information on the proposed budget, levy, and fee schedule by visiting the agenda center on the City’s website.

A couple of items that stand out initially:

  • $25,000 reduction in the community service officer funding at Wayzata West Middle School due to Wayzata School District cuts
  • Staffing increases in public safety, while concurrently delaying hiring a full time Fire Chief
  • The proposed cost of a zoning text amendment in Wayzata is $2,195 with a $3,822 escrow. In contrast, a text amendment in Plymouth is $300 with no escrow; Excelsior is $700; and Delano is $200 with a $1,000 escrow.

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