4 candidates running for 2 council seats

MacDonald, Parkhill, Hickman, and Stockton

The field for the Wayzata City Council race has been set, barring a withdrawal by one of the four candidates. The Wayzata residents who have filed to run are:

Molly MacDonald, Jeff Parkhill, Chris Hickman, and Larissa Stockton.
  • Molly MacDonald
  • Jeff Parkhill
  • Chris Hickman
  • Larissa Stockton

MacDonald currently serves as a Councilwoman and was appointed after Johanna Mouton was elected Mayor.

Parkhill serves as the Planning Commission Chairman and has run for council previously.

Chris Hickman is a retired pilot and 30 year resident of Wayzata.

Larissa Stockton serves as the Vice Chair of the Planning Commission.

Current City Councilman Jeff Buchanan did not file to run within the filing window.

Candidates have until August 18th to withdraw their names from the race. Stay tuned to Wayzata.com for additional news and information.

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