THC Emergency Moratorium Declared

City to study new THC law for up to a year, manufacturing and sales prohibited

The Wayzata City Council declared an emergency moratorium on the manufacturing, distribution and sale of edible cannabinoid products containing hemp.

The moratorium immediately prohibits anyone from selling or manufacturing edibles in Wayzata. The council approved the emergency declaration, and subsequent ordinance with a four-fifths vote in favor on Wednesday. Councilor Alex Plechash was not in attendance for the meeting.

The discussion over what to do about edible cannabinoid products comes after the Minnesota Legislature enacted a new law allowing certain edible and beverage products containing THC to be sold. The decision came during the legislative session in May. The law came into effect officially on July 1.

An example of a THC infused gummy.
Image courtesy Space Gem

“Regardless of how this all came to be, little information was provided to cities to determine the level of regulation if needed,” said Jeff Dahl, City Manager. “We think, similar to alcohol and tobacco, there certainly could be impacts to our community with licensing, zoning and general public safety.”

Dahl expects the legislature to come forward with regulations at some point, which he said is often what happens.

The moratorium is effective for one year, or until it is ended through a vote by the city council. During this time, the city is required to study the issue and take action.

If someone is in violation of the moratorium they will face penalties similar to violating a zoning ordinance, according to Dahl. He also stated the moratorium has no impact on people who are prescribed medical marijuana. It is specifically targeted at edible cannabinoid products containing hemp.

“Swear to God I didn’t know what cannabinoid oil was before this,” Dahl said. “It’s essentially a mind altering substance.”

Mayor Johanna Mouton asked if the moratorium would immediately stop someone who has already started selling products. Dahl said it would.

If the state were to come forward with regulations before the end of the moratorium, the moratorium would remain in effect. The city would have the option to end the moratorium and adopt the state regulations if it chooses.

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