Love is in the Air

Make Valentine’s special with a visit to Wayzata merchants

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is certainly in the air throughout downtown Wayzata. Whether you hope to pamper yourself or a loved loved one, splurge on food or on presents, the city has a handful of offerings to help make this February 14th most memorable.

Spend Valentine’s Day in Wayzata.

A Plateful of Love

For those looking to express their love through food, a handful of Wayzata restaurants boast special Valentine’s Weekend menus. With so many options available, you are bound to find the perfect cuisine for the occasion!

CoV is offering chef-curated dinner specials all weekend along. Its 3-course prefix menu features a variety of appetizers, choice of filet, capellini, or chicken for an entrée, and two delectable desserts. For $75, you and your loved one can enjoy both each other’s company and a delicious meal. The a la carte menu is also available, if preferred.

At Grocer’s Table $105 for two people earns you a choice of soup or salad, choice of entrée, and two red velvet cupcakes. With a menu title like “Date Night for the Love Birds,” you can expect not only yummy food but a romantic ambience. What’s more, they offer a little something for the singles. Their “a la carte options for the lonely” provides discounted prices on five items, including salmon, short ribs, and of course a sweet treat.  

NineTwentyFive plans to serve patrons another 3-course prefix menu. Priced at $85 a person, this one includes a choice of four starters, four mains (one of which is designed to be shared, upping the romance level), and two tasty desserts. The full menu is also available all weekend, although slightly limited on Valentine’s Day itself. Conveniently located within the Landing Hotel, you could go all out and make an entire night of it. There’s truly no better way to celebrate your love than with a relaxing staycation.

While 6Smith has not released the contents of its menu, it promises a handful of Valentine’s dinner features that are bound to wow. And who doesn’t love a slight surprise? The secretive menu certainly adds an element of excitement to your night out. Plus, 6Smith is offering these unknown specials through Tuesday, February 15th. Most other restaurants wrap up the day prior, so this extension is ideal for those who have to celebrate after the fact!

Boxed & Bouquet Love

Should you prefer to shower your loved ones with gifts, you too are in luck. Catering to both those who plan well in advance and those who need something morning of, the shops in downtown Wayzata have everything you might desire.

Graham Jewelers and Wayzata Jewelers both have extensive collections along with expert staff to answer all of your questions. From rings to watches, antique to custom made, you are certain to find the perfect piece for your loved one. You can even expand your own knowledge by perusing detailed fact sheets which cover all sorts of topics, including different gemstones and metals.

If flowers, cards, and chocolate are more up your alley, Candlelight Floral has you covered. You can purchase floral arrangements specific to Valentine’s Day or create a custom bouquet, particularly meaningful should you know your loved one’s favorite flowers. And for those last-minute shoppers, don’t forget about Lunds. The grocery store always has an excellent assortment of Bachman’s flowers and plenty of cards & candy!

No matter who you choose to celebrate or how, you’re bound to find just what you need in downtown Wayzata. It’s important to note, however, that this year, Valentine’s Day weekend coincides with the Chilly Open and the Super Bowl. So, if you’re planning to celebrate out on the town, be sure to make a reservation!

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