Muni site protested by Union

Protesters in front of the Muni object to the wages
being paid to contractors–calling them non-standard.

As if there couldn’t be any more drama surrounding the decision to build the Wayzata Bar and Grill, today some Union brick layers and cement mixers showed up in front of the new Muni site to protest the City of Wayzata not paying “standard wages and benefits” to the workers on site.

Spokesman Mike Connelly indicated, “The people they are using are not getting the area standard wage–what we pay our members.”  When asked what the wage should be, Connelly replied $43 per hour with benefits.

Connelly’s flyer indicates “Shame on the City of Wayzata for Hiring Contractors who do not pay area standard wages and benefits.  The City of Wayzata has hired contractors, Thompson Construction and M&R Masonry, for the new Municipal Liquor Operation who do not pay the area standard wages and benefits.  Contact the Mayor and City Councilors and tell them not to undercut workers pay.”

Update at 1:46:

Mayor Ken Willcox indicates, “We bid out the work, and went with the low bidder.  We are looking for the lowest costs, so we have who we have.  I understand what their concern is, our concern is cost.”

Stay tuned to, your Muni protest leader.


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