WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Wayzata.com’s Top 5 Stories of the week, Feb 23-Mar 01, 2009

It was a little slower week in terms of the news cycle in Wayzata, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything going on. A big time fraud case continued to generate headlines, the local body of goverment canceled a regular meeting due to lack of activity, and a local hockey team exited the section playoffs. Here we go, the Top 5 Stories of the week in Wayzata for February 23 – March 1, 2009. Brought to you this time around by John Roti at M&I Mortgage – for all your residential lending needs.

  1. Tom Petters fraud case kept chugging along and made headlines again last week. The Lawyers bill for the case reached a staggering $1.6 million for two months worth of legal activity, and Petters attorney’s sought to have the case moved to Wisconsin or Iowa because they claimed Petters could not receive a fair trial in Minnesota.
  2. There was so little going on this week in terms of applications and development to be brought before the City Council that the meetings for this Tuesday 03/03/09 was cancelled! This is in stark contrast to the schedule the Council has had to keep over the last number of years because of all the development in the city–and Mayor Ken Willcox has indicated it is due in part to the economic climate.
  3. The Wayzata Boys Hockey team bowed out of the Section playoffs with a loss to rival Minnetonka on Saturday afternoon.
  4. Dan Ament, a local financial advisor with Smith Barney appeared on KARE 11 and talked with Tim McNiff who has his own Wayzata connections as a Wayzata School District resident and as a Wayzata running backs coach.
  5. Ed Briesemeister indicates it will be some time before pile test results are known over at the Wayzata Bay Center. The process will involve more strikes of the piles, as well as the installation of geothermal testing equipment.

Two other notes for you: Wayzata.com had a productive week as it joined the Minnesota.com network, and had John Roti of M&I Mortgage come on board as a sponsor. If you would like to spread your message to the Wayzata Community and the thousands of visitors that read Wayzata.com with simple and cost effective pricing, please contact Dan at 952-473-5800.

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