Letter to the Editor : Ken Willcox


In the years I have served on the Wayzata City Council and Planning Commission, I’ve gained an overwhelming sense of how very, very fortunate we are to be able to live here. Our city works because of all the people who care so deeply about our town, including our volunteer firefighters, city staff and citizens who serve on boards, commissions and task forces. Large numbers of concerned citizens regularly participate in the debates over our future. That doesn’t happen everywhere, but it happens in Wayzata.

One of those dedicated people who has given countless hours of exceptional service is Mayor Andrew Humphrey. As you know, he recently announced that increased work and family commitments led him to decide not to run for another term. With his encouragement, I decided to enter the race to succeed him as Mayor.

With my four years of City Council and six years of Planning Commission experience, I believe I have a solid grasp of the issues facing Wayzata and what needs to be done to resolve those challenges. As Chair of the 10-year Wayzata Comprehensive Planning effort this year, I was able to help develop solutions and approaches to many of them.

Now I am asking for the support of all our engaged citizens in the November election. With your vote and help, I look forward to continuing our dedicated work to maintain and enhance our wonderful lakeside community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


Ken Willcox
Wayzata City Council
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