VOTER GUIDE: Ken Willcox – Candidate for Mayor

Ken Willcox is running unopposed for Mayor in the City of Wayzata. He was kind enough to join me this afternoon to talk about his life and his candidacy. When I asked him what prompted him to run for office, he indicated, “I wasn’t sure I even wanted to run again for my council seat. I was surprised when Andrew [Humphry] decided to retire, and he encouraged me to file [as a candidate for Mayor].”

Having served on the City Council for Wayzata for a 4 year term already, Willcox felt qualified to run the City. Add the 6 years on the Planning Commission board earlier, and Ken has over a decade of serving the City of Wayzata under his belt. Mr. Willcox also listed his experience in serving the public in the City of Minnetonka a number of years prior to the move to Wayzata.

I asked Ken what he felt the three biggest issues are facing Wayzata. He responded by indicating the following four things:

  1. Development pressure across the entire City
  2. Where to place the Muni now that it no longer has a home
  3. Addressing the the intersection of Lake Street and Superior and the desire for a T intersection with respect to the gas station
  4. The Sunset’s parking lot, which is actually city owned property that may receive a boardwalk and or park

“I think we are at such a critical juncture in Wayzata, with so much happening, so much development, so many issues. I thought for continuity, and to have the same people that had been making decisions continue to help guide the process, that I thought it was important that I step up and provide that guidance–The Bay Center, resolving traffic issues, the whole development pressure in the city.”

Willcox is co-owner of a truck equipment manufacturing company by the name of Delta-Waseca. DW manufacturers van bodies for commercial trucks–dry freight, refrigerated, curtain side, and more.

Ken’s military service includes being a captain in the US Navy (Retired), and being a Vietnam veteran.

He attended Williams College, in Williamstown, MA to receive his undergraduate degree, and also has an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Ken and his wife Winnie have lived in Wayzata for a number of years, having moved here from Minnetonka after finding a house that met their criteria. will keep you up to date with full media reports of Ken Willcox as other voting guides become available in the Star Tribune, the Lakeshore Weekly News, and the Sun Sailor.

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