Horrendous Rollover Crash on 394 in Wayzata

This is a very serious crash that just occurred on Wayzata Boulevard / Highway 12 & 394. If you have any information as to what occurred, please post it in the comments section that is located right underneath this posting. KARE 11 is reporting that one of the motorists was fixing her hair right before the crash.

This incident happened right in front of Village Chevrolet on the eastbound side. The Crash reconstruction crew was on scene taking photographs and marking up the pavement. A barrier on the south side of the freeway had been destroyed. 1 car and 2 suv’s were involved, –the two suv’s had rolled over. No victims were on scene when I was there, and questions as to condition of the victims directed towards State Troopers and MNDOT crew were not answered.


Here are the local stories from some of the media outlets:

Further details now involve eyewitness accounts of the driver who caused the crash playing with her hair, not paying attention, and having her head pop up as though she knew she was going to cause the accident.

According to Fox 9, the driver of the white suv had to be cut out of her vehicle and airlifted to a hospital and is in critical condition. The two other drivers are listed in serious condition.

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