Wayzata Begins Wayfinding Signs Project

The City of Wayzata took the first step toward implementing Wayfinding Signs last night at the City Council meeting. Wayfindings Signs will indicate directions to places of interest around town to identify places of cultural and civic areas in town people should be visiting. Examples include the beach, the Depot, City Hall, the Library, Police and Fire, etc.

The first phase will cost about $57,000 and will contain a large number of blade signs to be hung up on existing light poles. Primary Directional signs will be installed at the corners of Superior and Lake, and Superior and Wayzata Boulevard after those intersections are rebuilt in conjunction with the Wayzata Bay Center.

The council approved Contract Documentation of New Signs, with final approval of bids to come later.

One response to “Wayzata Begins Wayfinding Signs Project”

  1. Speaking of signs, what is the city going to do about the cars that speed thought the Circle Drive neighborhood? I think that they should make East Circle Drive a one way leading out to Lake. There are no sidewalks, and the traffic traveling through the neighborhood are not residents just people simply using the street as a cut through, with no regard to the children and citizens that are out taking in the beautiful outdoors.

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