Near death experience in Wayzata, every day!

You have to take some time to look at minnetonkafelix’s website, Felix has some of the most beautiful photos in the area. His blog is definately worth checking out on a regular basis. This is one of his most recent posts, and it brings up a good point.

“I have rarely seen such a dangerous merging point. You twist your head to the left and crane your neck to look back and measure your chances of surviving the merge onto 394 from the ramp leaving Wayzata Boulevard. It is a life and death 45 degree entry with about 10 yards before you are in 60 mph highway traffic. But ignorance is bliss, you cannot see the traffic behind because your view is obscured by a large construction sign. You just cross your fingers and punch it. ” — minnetonkafelix
It seems very many of us have had to deal with this particular merging spot. I believe he is talking about the westbound on-ramp from Carlson Parkway and 494. I have been on both sides of this merging transaction–west bound on Highway 12 as someone just pushes their car to the left as I am in the right lane and trying not to get clocked by another vehicle and merging onto 12.

Who came up with this idea to merge like this anyway? I don’t want to die on 394, at least not today.

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