Emailer seeks picnic area for 47 on Lake Minnetonka

Hi Dan,

Is there a park in the area, preferably on the water, which would be suitable for 47 tourists on a bus to stop for a picnic lunch in July? We will be coming from Noerenberg Gardens, heading east.


JD Balanger

Thanks for the email JD. You could try to have a picnic at the corner of Ferndale Road South and Grove Lane East. This is part of the Wayzata Beach property which is public property located at 220 Grove Lane East. My recollection of the site is that there are not enough picnic tables to accommodate 47 guests, but it is worth a shot. You can call the City of Wayzata at 952-404-5300 to verify how many tables are there, as well as check on a parking permit. Other options in Wayzata include Klapprich Park, an 8 acre park located at 340 Park Street East. Again my recollection is that there are not enough picnic tables.

You could try the GroTonka park in Minnetonka which is close to the lake and located at 17003 Prospect Place. It has a picnic shelter with seating for 32. Reservations are available, and parking is provided. You can call the City of Minnetonka at 952-939-8390 for more information.

Additionally, the City of Excelsior has the Commons area has exactly what you are looking for, as they take reservations, the picnic facilities are right on Lake Minnetonka, and they can accommodate a group of your size. You can call them at 952-474-5233. Even though your group is under the threshold for required reservations, I recommend you get some anyway to ensure your group is able to enjoy the specific day you need. This is probably your best bet in the whole Lake Minnetonka area.

If you have any other questions, please contact me personally at your convenience.

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