Panoway dock plans approved, old docks removed

The Panoway dock installation project has successfully navigated some recent challenges, securing approval for an enhanced design from both the City Council and the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) in recent days. Key modifications to the Depot Docks and Broadway Docks have been integrated into the approved plans, addressing concerns and ensuring compliance with the 150 feet limit set by the LMCD.

The changes come after a variance denial by the LMCD in October where the City of Wayzata requested an additional 40 feet beyond the 150 foot dock length limit set for municipal docks by LMCD code.

A redesigned dock proposal was presented by Civitas at a recent Council Meeting held on November 2nd after the Dock Working Group reviewed the updated design on Tuesday, October 31.

Approved Broadway Docks plan.
Approved Depot Docks plan.

The revised plan, was crafted to meet both the aesthetic and functional objectives of the Panoway dock project, has now received approval from both the City Council and the LMCD.

This joint effort involving the City, Civitas, staff, and consultants demonstrates a committed approach to finding a solution that aligns with regulatory guidelines and meets the varied project requirements.

Summary of Changes

Depot Docks:

  • Original Plan: 17 transient slips (19 total vessels).
  • Current Plan: 18 transient slips (20 total vessels).


  1. Shifted largest vessels west to fit within the 150 feet limit.
  2. Shifted loading zone east, creating a straight 70 feet long loading area for larger commercial vessels during specific wind conditions. Maintained slip count on the north side and added a 16 feet by 32 feet slip on the south side.
  3. Replaced one larger vessel slip with a smaller one to keep all structures within the 150 feet limit.

Broadway Docks:

  • Original Plan: 30 transient slips (32 total vessels).
  • Current Plan: 29 transient slips (31 total vessels).


  1. Shortened the loading zone on the east to fit within the 150 feet limits.
  2. Designated one transient slip as a loading zone, with an additional transient slip added at the Depot to compensate.
  3. Reduced the gangway walk width to 8 feet, eliminating the need for an additional variance.
  4. Shifted larger vessel slips west to fit within the 150 feet limit, considering water depth variations.
  5. Rotated the overall dock geometry to increase the opening between the Lake Walk and the docks at its narrowest point.

This comprehensive redesign, marked by strategic adjustments, underscores the City’s commitment to creating a compliant, functional, and aesthetically pleasing dock system. With these approved plans, the Panoway dock project is poised for successful implementation, offering an improved and balanced addition to the city’s waterfront.

City Staff and the Council will also be working with their vendors on ensuring the new docks are installed on Wayzata Bay as quickly as possible in the coming months.

The old docks were removed recently to allow the pilings for the Lakewalk to be installed. The remnants were stored at Wayzata Beach:

Broadway Dock remnants.
Broadway dock remnants.

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