Stone gates at Harrington Farms damaged by delivery truck

A truck driver inadvertently knocked over one of the historic gates while making a delivery in the area within the past week.

The gates are located at the intersection of Ferndale Road and Harrington Road.

The mishap occurred last week and was first reported on social media. One observer opined it may cost $100,000 to have the structure rebuilt. City officials did not immediately return questions about who would rebuild and at what cost.

The stone pillars are a remnant of Harrington Farms, established by John Harrington on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

John Stevens Harrington arrived in Wayzata in about 1854. He purchased 160 acres south of Ferndale for $2.50 per acre, building a lake side home for his family and adding 16 rooms, renaming the structure Harrington Inn. The area later became Harrington Farms. Courtesy Lake Minnetonka Historical Society.

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