Council weighs 3 lot subdivision on East Lake Street

The Wayzata City Council will discuss further a 3 lot subdivision proposal by applicant Black Dog Homes at it’s upcoming April 4th regular council meeting.

The Planning Commission had recommended previously that 2 lots would be better than 3 given the adjacent lots and homes on the south side of the street.

The lot at 1030 Lake Street East had been owned by the Penningroth family for multiple generations, and has traded hands a couple of times in more recent years.

The subject property overlooks the Burlington Northern Railroad Train Tracks, and Eastman Lane near the Lake Street round-about adjacent to the Hotel Landing & Condos. It also has views of Wayzata Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

At issue is whether the proposed lots fit into the character of the existing neighborhood, and should the neighborhood be viewed as just the collection of homes and lots on East Lake Street or something more.

The legal description notes the property as part of the Minnetonka Arlington Heights addition to Wayzata, part of the original platting of a large portion of the east side of the community.

The application had been on the consent agenda for approval at the March 21st council meeting, but was pulled for further discussion.

Jeff Nelson was one of several opponents who spoke at the meeting. He lives across the street at 1037 Lake Street and voiced his and some of the neighbors concerns during the public forum:

Jeff Nelson speaks on the three lot subdivision.

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan guides the parcel for less density than is currently in place in the R-1A zoning which allows for 60 foot wide lots with a minimum area of 9,000 feet.

Jacob Steen, attorney with the firm Larkin Hoffman spoke on behalf of Black Dog Homes and noted that the application conformed to the Wayzata code and requirements for subdivision without a variance.

The agenda item failed to receive enough votes to pass, or be tabled given the absence of council member Jeff Parkhill and council member Cathy Iverson recusing herself. The default action therefore is for the item to be placed under Old Business in the upcoming agenda item for further action by the council.

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