Molly MacDonald appointed to City Council

The Wayzata City Council Appointed Molly MacDonald at last Tuesday night’s Council Meeting. After what staff described as “an expedited but thorough interview process and discussion,” the Council made the appointment unanimously.

10 applicants interviewed for the one open position left by Johanna McCarthy‘s move from Councilwoman to Mayor. McCarthy ran unopposed for Mayor in November of 2020 after Ken Willcox announced he would not seek the position again.

Interviews with the candidates were conducted via Zoom as part of the City’s workshop agenda earlier in the evening.

Other finalists for the position included Jeff Parkhill and Lindsay Bashioum.

“The Wayzata City Council is excited to welcome it’s newest City Council member, Molly MacDonald, after considering a number of exceptionally committed, qualified and passionate members of the community, ” stated Mayor Johanna McCarthy after the appointment.

McCarthy continued, “As a life long member of the community and small business owner, Mrs. MacDonald will bring a fresh perspective and new insights to council deliberations.  We look forward to her upcoming swearing in and the many contributions she will make to the council and community.”

City Manager Jeff Dahl also echoed similar comments in a statement, “In their discussions, the City Council highlighted Mrs. MacDonald’s lifelong commitment to the community, understanding of the community’s vision and values, her value of perspective as a small business owner, and her obvious overall passion to make the community even better. Staff and the Council are thrilled to have Mrs. MacDonald as a part of Wayzata’s leadership team!”

MacDonald answered several questions posed by after the appointment:

WDC: What made you run for the open council seat?

MM: “The support and encouragement from family, friends and my network in the community gave me the confidence to apply for the City Council position.  I was and am reminded daily that my core values for Wayzata align with a most engaged public.”

WDC: What stands out to you about growing up here?

MM: “How many of us are still here! Wayzata is idyllic. As I grew and expanded my world that became clear to me.”

WDC: How will growing up here guide your decision making in the future?

MM: “Our values are rooted in our past.  My memories of the Wayzata 25 years ago will guide me when making decisions for its future.”

WDC: What is your vision for the future of Wayzata?

MM: “What I’ve learned from living though last year is hindsight truly is 20/20.  It’s even more apparent to me that Wayzata needs to progress forward steadily and thoughtfully.  I don’t want to see the city make regretful decisions.  I hope to be a thoughtful, forward looking councilor with a clear memory of the past.  Those two ideals need to work harmoniously.  The community speaks about charm.  It’s the word most people use when they talk about what they value in Wayzata.  Charm is earned and cannot be replicated and manufactured.  Charm is authentic and I believe that is what the residents, the business owners and all of our visitors want to see.  It’s the core value that I want to represent in the City Council.”

MacDonald will be sworn in at the February 2nd City Council meeting.

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  1. Another of my bright and civic-minded former students joins other WHS grads in stepping up to work for her fellow citizens. Congratulations to Molly and to so many others who make the world a better place!

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