Wayzata Churches Using Caution When Considering Reopening

Faith-based communities and places of worship can now resume hosting larger gatherings.

This comes after an announcement last week by Gov. Tim Walz.
The new guidance allows occupancy not to exceed 25 percentwith a maximum of 250 people in a single, self-contained space. In outdoorsettings, gatherings must not exceed 250 people.

This guidance, released on May 23 updates what the Governor released on May 20 in which churches were still limited to no more than 10 people.

This was immediately met with opposition by Senate Republicans.

That’s the back story.

What does this mean moving forward and what does this mean for places of worship in Wayzata?

Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka
“Like many faith communities, UUCM has been closed for in-person gathering since mid-March,” said Arif Mamdani, a member of the interim ministry team at Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka. “Since that time, we have moved all of our worship and faith formation programming online, and plan to stay with this plan for the foreseeable future.”

Wayzata Community Church

“We are following guidelines provided by local, state, and federal authorities as we make plans to reopen our building to staff and church programs of less than 10 people,” said Reverend Dr. John F. Ross of Wayzata Community Church. “We will continue with online worship only for the foreseeable future.”

Redeemer Lutheran Church

 “As a Christian congregation, we are called to be good citizens of our state and country,” said Redeemer Lutheran Church Pastor Steve Ferber.  “But above everything, we are also called to obey God and His Word.  Exactly how that will work itself out in the coming days and weeks, we don’t know yet.  We are prayerfully considering our options.”

St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community
Meanwhile, a message from Fr. Mike Van Sloun of St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community on May 22 stated the following:

Our Logistics Team has determined that the earliest possible date for St. Bart’s would be Sunday, June 7. Our lay leaders, our trustees as well as our Pastoral and Finance Council members, a number who are medical professionals, advise abundant caution and to proceed slowly, particularly since the number of cases has not yet begun to decline, hospital admissions are up, and the danger an extended large-group gathering poses to our parishioners.

All of the Wayzata churches are using caution during the reopening process.

“Like other faith communities, ours includes many who fall into a variety of categories who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, and given that we have successfully transitioned to doing church work in physically distanced ways, see no reason to put any of our people at risk,” said Mamdani.

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