City Council Discusses Panoway Business Mitigation During Workshop Meeting

The Wayzata City Council hosted a workshop and city council meeting Tuesday, April 7 via video conference as a safety protocol considering the spread of COVID-19.
You can watch a portion of the workshop pertaining to mitigation efforts for businesses impacted by Panoway Phase 1 construction below: 
Tuesday, April 7 Wayzata City Council Workshop Meeting
On March 30, Lake Street construction began for Phase I of the Panoway Project.

The current Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes $200,000 for business impact mitigation tactics.
City staff met with business owners to discuss specific tactics including “open for business” signage as well as complimentary valet services for the downtown area.
But considering the COVID-19 outbreak, the city is looking at different ways to allocate the funds.
Executive orders from the governor, have greatly impacted how local businesses operate and have created a very quiet Lake Street.
The city is now looking at waiving or reducing liquor licenses, health licenses, and sidewalk café permit fees.
As the city runs a cost analysis and gathers more input from businesses, it is looking at two distinct groups of businesses – those whose front door is directly on the street closure and those whose front door is within a certain proximity of the street construction.
Due to the virus pandemic, the city cancelled a Lake Street construction groundbreaking event and is considering using those funds for a “Back in Business” community event once businesses fully open their doors again.

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