3 Wayzata City Council Seats Up In 2020

Monday’s Iowa Caucuses have squarely fixed the nation’s political focus on our border state to the south. Wayzata native, Amy Klobuchar, and several other Democratic presidential candidates are hoping to win over the Hawkeye State.

A month from now, Minnesota will participate in Super Tuesday. Minnesotans and people living in 13 other states will take part in their own presidential primaries.

Wayzata City Council: Alex Plechash, Johanna McCarthy, Ken Willcox, Dan Koch, Jeff Buchanan

At a local level, let’s fast forward to November – three members of the Wayzata city council will be up for re-election: Mayor Ken Willcox, council member Dan Koch and council member Alex Plechash.

Willcox was elected mayor in 2008 after serving on the city council and the city planning commission. He ran unopposed in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He told Wayzata.com that he is “undecided” as to whether he will run again for mayor in 2020.

Council members Koch and Plechash are currently in their first four-year term. Both ran unopposed in 2016.

Pleschash told Wayzata.com that he intends to run for re-election this year. And so did Koch.

“I really enjoy being on the council and enjoy serving with my fellow colleagues on the council,” stated Koch in an email to Wayzata.com. “I would like to continue serving and currently plan to run for re-election, barring any unforeseen circumstances that would make me change my mind leading up to the filing deadline.”
Considering Mayor Willcox said he is undecided about running for mayor again, Wayzata.com asked the other two council members, Johanna McCarthy and Jeff Buchanan if they would consider running for mayor should Willcox not seek another term.
“I am unsure at this time,” stated Buchanan in an email to Wayzata.com.
“I haven’t thought about it,” stated McCarthy. “I’d want to confer with my colleagues on the council and others, especially Mayor Willcox, before making that decision. It is a big responsibility that I don’t take lightly and would want to ensure that whoever is in that role, that person is the best one to represent all constituents in Wayzata.”
That’s where things stand here in February.
Wayzata.com will continue to track the city council race as we march toward the November 3rd election.
There are a couple of dates to circle on your calendar before then.
Filing for the mayor and the two council member seats begin on July 28. That window closes on August 11.
Below is a list of city council election results since 2000.

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State/City of Wayzata

(* = winner)


*Barry Petit 1,194 (votes)
Sue Bangert 1,129
City Council (two seats)

*Robert (Bob) Ambrose 1,372
*Robyn Cook 1,190
Lynn Gruber 1,020

City Council (two seats)

*Andrew Humphrey 1,028
*Sue Bangert 1022
Barry Birkholz 763
Gayle Wilson 677


*Andrew Humphrey 1,989 (unopposed)
City Council (two seats)
*Ken Willcox 1,244
*John Berns 1,211

Jim Gooley 933


City Council (two seats)

*Sue Bangert 1,126
*Jack Amdal 758
Tom Tanner 695
Doug Hudson 539



*Ken Willcox 1,803 (unopposed)

City Council (two seats)

*Andrew Mullin 1,210
*Mary Bader 1,196
Tom Tanner 948


City Council (two seats)

*Tom Tanner 898
*Jack Amdal 861
Jim Wilson 749



*Ken Willcox 1,842 (unopposed)

City Council (two seats)

*Andrew Mullin (re elected) 1261
*Bridget Anderson 1079
Alex Plechash 1076


City Council (two seats)

*Steven Tyacke 865
*Johanna McCarthy 799
Alex Plechash 789
Jack Amdal 730



*Ken Willcox 2,226 (unopposed)

City Council (two seats)

*Dan Koch 1,718 (unopposed)
*Alex Plechash 1,715 (unopposed)


City Council (two seats)

*Johanna McCarthy ,1337
*Jeff Buchanan 1,028
Cathy Iverson 956
Barry Petit 821

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