Yard Display Not A Sign Buchanan Running For Wayzata Mayor

A Wayzata resident asked Wayzata.com about a political yard sign that appeared near the corner of Bushaway Road and McGinty.
The sign reads “Jeff Buchanan for Wayzata”.
The resident wondered if this was a sign that council member Jeff Buchanan was running for mayor.
Wayzata.com reached out to Buchanan to ask about the sign and received the following response:
“No. That’s an old sign that got resurrected somehow. I need to climb up there and take it down.”
Buchanan was elected to the council in November of 2018. He is serving a four-year term. 
Johanna McCarthy was reelected to the council during that same election.
In 2020, Mayor Ken Willcox, council member Dan Koch and council member Alex Plechash are up for reelection. 
All three ran unopposed in 2016. 
Willcox was first elected mayor in 2008. 
Koch and Plechash are serving their first terms.

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