City Council To Review Resolution Supporting $10M Lake Effect State Request

On Tuesday, the Wayzata City Council will consider the adoption of Resolution 58-2019, supporting the Lake Effect Project within the 2020 state capital budget.
Courtesy Lake Effect Conservancy
According to the city council agenda, the city has allocated around $10 million for construction costs tied to Phase I of the Lake Effect Project.
In order to move to Phase II, which includes the boardwalk, Depot Park, Eco Park, Section Foreman’s House and lake restoration, an additional $10 million will be needed, according to city staff.
The city of Wayzata has submitted an application to the State of Minnesota Department of Management and Budget for consideration in the state’s 2020 capital budget.
On Nov. 14, The City of Wayzata hosted the Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee to learn about the Lake Effect Project.
This followed a visit from a similar committee from the Minnesota Senate a few weeks prior.
The city is asking the state for $10 million of an estimated $20 million to complete the Lake Effect Project.
The state portion would come from an upcoming legislative bonding bill.

Lake Effect Background
In February of 2011, the city council appointed a Lakefront Task Force to research and provide a recommendation for the future of the City’s lakefront.
The city council adopted the Report of the Wayzata Lakefront Taskforce in January of 2012.
In March of 2014, the city council adopted the Wayzata Lakefront Final Framework Report.
Wayzata selected Civitas as the design team for the Lake Effect Signature Park schematic design in September of 2015.
On December 15, 2016, the city council approved an agreement with the Lake Effect Conservancy as a part of Resolution 29-2016 which defined the scope of the Lake Effect Project and its next steps.
That agreement states that the Conservancy will actively raise Private and Philanthropic Funding.

The Conservancy recently announced a new initiative called Panoway on Wayzata Bay.
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