City of Wayzata Introduces Lake Effect Construction Manager Stahl Construction

The construction manager for the Lake Effect Project, Stahl Construction, was introduced at Tuesday’s Wayzata City Council meeting.

Courtesy City of Wayzata/WCTV

“We’re a small staff, we’re not going to be boots on the ground every day,” said city manager Jeff Dahl. “We need help managing and communicating all the invested stakeholders.”

Stahl updated project cost estimates, communications and engagement plan, preliminary construction staging plan was well as discussed an updated timeline.

“We’ll be managing the bid process early in 2020 targeting construction start around March of 2020,” 

said Jessie Houlihan, President of Stahl Construction.

“We’re really excited about some of the work we will be doing including construction updates, working with some of the channels you already have in place, working with the local businesses on Lake Street as well as the residents and the visitors that come to visit Wayzata,” added Houlihan.

At the Nov. 19 city council meeting (Nov. 19), a professional services agreement with Stahl Construction for construction management services for Lake Effect’s first phase was approved.

The agreement includes $25,200 pre-construction services, approximately $100,000 for construction management, $50,000/month for construction services and $4,260/month for reimbursable expenses.
The city stated these costs will be paid out of the Lake Effect Fund and were previously unplanned.
The expectation is that the Stahl expenses will decrease the overall project costs.
Lake Effect’s first phase essentially consists of Lake Street, Lake Street Plaza and the Dakota Rail Regional Trail Extension.
Stahl was brought in after bids for the first phase came in double the estimated costs earlier this year. City council rejected those bids in July.

Courtesy City of Wayzata/WCTV
Stahl Wayzata Lake Street Communications Timeline

According to Stahl’s Wayzata Lake Street Communications Timeline provided in the city workshop agenda, there will be monthly updates on the Lake Street Project including an open house in January.
The regular monthly updates will include: construction updates, social media content, dedicated construction website and newsletter content, and neighborhood/local business meetings, according to the timeline.
The timeline also states that there will be a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of construction in March. There will be substantial completion prior to James J. Hill Days according to the timeline.
Stahl offered other marketing ideas for consideration including: promoting local businesses, Chamber of Commerce cross promotions, engagement of local media, as well as print materials including yard signs, postcards, billboards and brochures.
Stahl High Level Project Pull Plan

According to Stahl’s High Level Project Pull Plan, bids for the project are scheduled to go out Feb. 13, 2020. The selection of bids and bid approval are scheduled for the Feb. 18, city council meeting. 
The plan states that an open house and groundbreaking will take place in February. 
Construction is slated to begin in March according to Stahl’s plan.
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