Detailed agenda for 9/11 Ceremomy in Wayzata

The following is a detailed agenda for Wayzata’s 9/11 ceremony, submitted in an email from Bob Shadley.

11:30: Band forms at start point on Edgewood.

1;00: Parade starts.
(1). Band is second march unit behind the American Legion Color Guard.
(2). Band stops for 15 seconds or so in front of reviewing stand, begins “The Army Song” and then steps off. Master of Ceremonies (Greg Rye) will read narrative about the band.

1:35 (approx.): Color Guard and Band do a column left onto Superior and than another column left onto Mill in front of the “Muni”. Marty will have water and chairs prepositioned.

2:00 (or on order): Band plays “Ruffles and Flourishes” to signify beginning of the ceremony.
(1). Greg Rye will welcome everyone, introduce the band again and announce the playing of the National Anthem to be followed by “STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER” AND “THE ARMED FORCES MEDLEY”. GREG WILL ALSO ANNOUNCE THAT VETS AND CURRENT SERVICE MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO RAISE THEIR HANDS WHEN THEIR SERVICE SONG IS PLAYED.)
(2). The American Legion Color Guard will render honors as the band plays “THE NATIONAL ANTHEM”.
(3). Greg Rye will introduce DR. AAMOTH WHO WILL SAY A FEW WORDS IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIS SON AND THEN GREG will introduce Gordy Engel (Note: GORDY ENGEL PARTICIPATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED)who will give a short prayer ,and, at the end of which, the band will sound “Retreat.”
(4). Greg Rye will introduce Mayor Willcox who will then speak and recognize vets and first responders. (5). At the end of the Mayor’s talk, Greg Rye will ask the audience to join the band in singing “God Bless America.”

2:30: Ceremony ends. Bob Shadley will present each band member a Rotary coin as a token of our appreciation.

2:40: Band members partake of free lunch at the “Muni”the band then performs duties as directed by CW4 Eckhoff.

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