McCormick’s set to open Tuesday, August 2nd

Tim McCormick pours the perfect pint. Photo Dan Gustafson.

McCormick’s to open Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:00 am.

The Irish roots are obvious, from the Guinness sign hanging over the door way to the pictures of JFK and golfing legends on the wall. McCormick’s Irish pub is set to open next Tuesday. Owner Tim McCormick explained his vision for the place, “My grandparents are from Ireland. An Irish pub is always something that I’ve been drawn to. And living in Boston and my travels to Ireland have solidified that.”

McCormick detailed his passion for the perfect pint of beer, “We have serious quality control on proper pouring of the Guinness in twenty ounce pints. Its kinda a big deal for us.  We pour the beer settled and black to the collar.  Up over the edge so it mushrooms over the top of the glass.  So there is an overflow and that tells me that we poured a good pint, and customers are getting the proper twenty ounce pour.”

Owner Tim McCormick explains his passion for his Irish Pub to Ashley Gilles.  Photo Dan Gustafson.

Tim also talked about the other beers the establishment will carry, “We will have obscure beers that do not have any distribution, but its a really beautiful beer.” The pub will also carry an assortment of Irish whiskey.

The restaurant and bar should clear the last remaining hurdles in the next couple of days, including checks from the health department and clearing all required construction codes.

Stay tuned to, your perfect pint of Guinness is now available leader.

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