Business leaders ask Met Council to delay force main project

Wayzata City Engineer Mike Kelly addresses Wayzata retailer concerns at City Hall. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Delay sought by business community to coincide with economic recovery or Bushaway Road reconstruction

Review the presentation by the Met Council here:

A group of Wayzata retailers gave feedback to Metropolitan Council representative Scott Dentz this morning after reviewing the plans and timetable presented.  The message: Wait to replace the sewer line on Lake Street until absolutely necessary.

Metropolitan Council officials presented a 6 month timetable for replacement of the decrepit existing force main that would begin in January of 2012 and run through June:

Lake Street: Barry Ave to Broadway Ave

Late Jan-2012 thru Late Apr-2012

  • Restricted to Single Lane each direction
  • No Two Way Left Turn Lanes
  • Northerly parking lane and sidewalk adjacent businesses to remain open
  • Current eastbound lane, southerly parking lane and sidewalk all closed for construction
  • Contractor required to plan haul routes and merge into/out-of driving lanes only at ends of active construction area to/from eastbound lane
  • Active Construction area may vary from being the entire 4 block length to being only a single block at a time depending upon contractor’s schedule and weather
  • Work through Barry/Lake and Broadway/Lake intersections will require additional temporary lane closures

  • Restore roadway and landscaped areas
  • Plan to open by Memorial Day weekend
The timetable was met first with a cool reception, and then a flurry of feedback from attendees.

Krista Fragola of Maha! Activewear spoke on behalf of the group, “I’m concerned about the impact to our businesses.  It has been an uphill battle over the past year given the previous construction projects, the long winter, and the difficult spring we have had.  Obviously, the down economy has not exactly turned around the way we all hoped it would.  Any delay at all will significantly help our businesses plan for things like e-commerce to supplement our revenue streams.”

Stacy Carisch of the Marquee Building indicated that her goal during the meeting was to get retailers engage.  “My purpose at the meeting was to get the retailers talking.  (The Met Council) presented the same schedule that they did at the last City Council meeting.  For some reason they really like the winter schedule. Maybe that schedule does have some positives to it, but again my goal is to get the retailers involved.”

The feedback from the group of leaders will be presented at an upcoming Wayzata City Council meeting.

Stay tuned to, your sewer line down Lake Street leader.

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