A fresh start for the Muni

Katie Pennington and Mark Cheeley enjoy a beverage at the old Muni. Photo Dan Gustafson.

A packed house moved from one Muni to the next as hundreds of attendees bid farewell to the old Wayzata Bar and Grill on April 28, 2011.  A team of dancers from the Wayzata Chamber, City Officials including Mayor Ken Willcox and City Manager Al Orsen, and many others busted a move across Superior Boulevard.

Mayor Ken Willcox and City Manager Al Orsen dance their way across Superior Boulevard. Photo Dan Gustafson.

A small ceremony in front of the new building included Sommelier Gina Holman opening a bottle of champaign and subsequently throwing open the doors of the new establishment.

Sommelier Gina Holman throws open the doors on the new Muni. Photo Dan Gustafson.
The Wayzata Bar and Grill has a full house. Photo Dan Gustafson.

To see hundreds more photos of the event, click this link: Wayzata Bar and Grill Grand Opening.

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