Star Tribune reporting Wayzata’s Davis resigns

The Star Tribune is reporting that Wayzata Hockey Coach Carl Davis is stepping down. Here is an excerpt from the story, as well as a link to the article:

“Carl Davis wanted his players to hear the news first.

So he called a 7 a.m. meeting on Friday, April 22, and told them they would have a new coach next season.

Davis, Wayzata’s boys hockey coach for the past 16 seasons, made his resignation official on Friday after contemplating the decision for most of the spring.

“When I try to talk people out of it, usually it’s a mistake,” Wayzata activities director Jaime Sherwood said. “He just thought the timing was right. I’ve got to honor that, though I’m saddened by it.””

Read the rest of the story on from the Strib here: Wayzata’s Davis resigns

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