Copy of City of Wayzata Manger’s Proposed Budget Cuts

Here is a copy of City Manager Al Orsen’s proposed budget cuts that will be presented and discussed at tonight’s Wayzata City Council meeting.

It appears Sonny Clark, Parks Superintendent would be let go, Jan Svensson, Motor Vehicle Supervisor will be axed, Bill Matthews, the newest police officer will be let go, Sandy Langley will have her position reduced to four days a week, as well as being reassigned to overseeing the Motor Vehicle division. Additionally, Building Inspection and Engineering reduction in hours would occur.

Other potential cuts include:

Flower Gardens, Gardeners, the print version of the Wayzata Bay Window, WCTV programming, lifeguards, and the Community Service Officer

Finally, the City will likely borrow money from unallocated emergency funds to plug the budget gap.

Stay tuned to for all the latest budget cut news at the City of Wayzata.


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