WAYZATA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Shakespeare class and play available through Community Education

Wayzata Public Schools Community Education department is offering a chance to learn more about Shakespeare and attend the Wayzata High School production of “Much Ado About Nothing.”

The Shakespearian class will be held April 7 with a second class planned on May 5 to learn more about the play “Much Ado About Nothing.” The WHS performance is scheduled for April 23, 24 and 25 and is free for seniors age 62 and older.

The classes require registration and both may be taken for a discount. The cost of the classes is $19 per class or $29 to register for both. To register or for more information, call 763-745-6907 or visit the Web site at the following link: Community Education

From the Community Eduction Website:

Shakespeare’s language and references are difficult to read, the stories are over 400 years old … yet world-wide, he is referenced, studied, known. Join us as we explore Shakespear as the “father” of how we define humanity.

While we will look at this topic through his plays, we will focus particularly on the Wayzata High School Spring production of “Much Ado About Nothing.” After this class, you will be encouraged to read the play, “Much Ado About Nothing,” attend the High School production April 23 – 25, and then join us for the follow-up class “Much Ado About Nothing … or Something”.

There are no discounts for this class. You need not participate in all three offerings, h owever, sign up for both classes and get a super discount, see details below! Joan Potter is Director of Drama at Wayzata High School.


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