CITY OF WAYZATA: Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants Permitting Info

From The Portal, The City of Wayzata’s Monthly Newsletter:

Each season the City receives a handful of inquiries from individuals or groups wishing to go door-to-door to distribute information or seek donations for a non-profit organization. They are not required to have a license. Th e City encourages these groups to register with the City and advises the Wayzata Police Department when they will be canvassing in the area.

Individuals or groups going door-to-door to sell goods or services for immediate or future delivery are required to have a City license. Once they have applied for the City license, had a background check done by our Police Department and have gotten approval by the City Council, they will be issued a picture ID card embossed with the City Seal. They must carry this ID card when going door-to-door.

Residents are encouraged to place a “No Solicitor’s” placard in a window or on the door if they wish to be bypassed by solicitors. Th e placard must meet these standards: 1. At least four inches long. 2. At least four inches wide. 3. With print of at least 48 point in size. 4. Stating “No Peddlers, Solicitors or Transient Merchants,” “Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants Prohibited,” or other comparable statement. We have a copy of one attached you can cut out and use.

Images courtesy of the City of Wayzata. View the City’s website at

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