ASK DAN: Did anything noteworthy happen at Wayzata City Council all day retreat?

Hi Dan,

Will there be any further reporting on what topics and pending projects were discussed at Wayzata city council 2-24-09 retreat?

Bob D.

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for writing in and asking about the Wayzata City Council All Day Retreat proceedings. After you emailed your question, I checked with Mayor Ken Willcox to get his take on the proceedings, and asked if there was anything noteworthy.

Here is what he had to say:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for asking. I would say, no. The major reason for the retreat was to share all of the activities that were being pursued by each department of the city. As you can imagine, it’s important for the Council to have a good feel not only for the controversial issues in the city, but also for all of the ongoing projects of public works, engineering, police, etc. Our focus was the latter variety. It was an opportunity for each department head to talk about the array of things that his group is involved with. Examples would be reviewing the road projects slated to be done this year, etc, etc. Pretty much nuts and bolts. So it was more educational for both city staff and Council members rather than tackling any new issues or subjects.

Have a great day.


Ken Willcox

So there you have it Bob, straight from the source, not too much that was noteworthy at the all day retreat.

Stay tuned to for all the latest City of Wayzata news.

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