2009 Wayzata Chilly Open Information

From the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce:

The Chilly Open will consist of two 9 ­hole courses sponsored by Anchor Bank and Roger Fazendin REALTORS, Inc. This year, the Chilly Open will again feature the Edina Realty­ Wayzata/Lake Minnetonka 19th Hole Tent. Stop in before or after your 9­ holes of golf for a FREE sampling of chili from local Wayzata Restaurants at the Chili Cook Off. Restaurants that will serve chili and/or other goodies include: Caribou Coffee, Northcoast, Sunsets, Wayzata Bar and Grill, Woody’s Grille and Wuollet Bakery.


The 25th Annual Wayzata Chilly Open goes HOLLYWOOD! Dress up as your favorite film character or movie star. Be creative and have fun! You might even get extra prizes at the golf holes for dressing up!

Check­In Process:

The captain of your team (name listed above) must check ­in at the Registration Area and pick up your Official 25th Anniversary Chilly Open winter hats, bags and golf course tags 30 minutes before your tee­time. If you are unable to honor your tee­ time you will lose it. Cancellations and duplicate registrations are non­refundable. The Registration Area will be located inside the 19th Hole Tent. There will be a cleared path from the main access to Wayzata Bay, which is at the beach just west of the Depot and the Boat Works building. No cars or motorized vehicles including snowmobiles or ATVs will be allowed near the event area so be sure to take time to find parking on the side streets.

You are responsible for relaying this information to everyone in your group. Depending on course conditions, nine holes of golf take approximately an hour and a half to two hours. Many players choose a five iron or a putter, but some bring their whole golf bag or even a hockey stick! We provide the tennis balls!

Tips to Dress Warm: ­ I know you’re all hardy Minnesotans, but…­

  • Wear loose, lightweight, warm clothing in several layers. Trapped air between the layers acts as an insulator. Layers can be removed to avoid perspiration and subsequent chill.
  • Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and hooded.
  • Always wear a hat or cap on your head since half of your body heat could be lost through an uncovered head.
  • Get a scarf to wear on top of your coat. Not only will this tie shut the neck opening, but you can also pull it over your mouth and nose to protect your lungs from the cold.
  • Mittens, snug at the wrist, are better than gloves because fingers maintain more warmth when they touch each other. Synthetic insulated ones are generally warm enough; woolen ones aren’t if you’re going to spend a few hours outdoors.
  • Find some of those disposable heating packs that you shake up and stick in your mittens. Get enough to stick in your boots too!
  • The cold is dry here in Minnesota, so make sure you put on moisturizing lotion, have Chapstick handy and drink plenty of water.

Alcohol Policy and Clean Up:

The Hennepin County Water Patrol and the City of Wayzata prohibit the selling and/or serving of alcoholic beverages at the Chilly Open on Lake Minnetonka. This is a B.Y.O.B. event … think of it as boating on the lake in the summer. You can bring your own, but you can’t buy it! Note: The City of Wayzata also prohibits alcohol in all public areas. So when you’re heading off the ice, into Wayzata and back to your vehicles or local establishments, be smart! Clean up is also really important. Don’t leave any trash out on the ice or near the beach area. There will be garbage containers throughout the event area and near the entrance/exit. Please be respectful of the lake and Wayzata so we can continue to have this event for the next 25 years!


Stop in at Northcoast for a Chilly Open Bloody Mary Bar Kick Off starting at 9:00 a.m. sponsored by Amstel and Heineken. There will be great specials and give­a­ways for Chilly Open Golfers. Also, enjoy live music by Mick Sterling from noon ­ 4. Northcoast is located at 294 E. Grove Lane in Wayzata, just steps away from the Wayzata Beach Access and entrance to the event.

Directions to Wayzata:

Wayzata is located 11 miles west of Minneapolis on I­394/Hwy 12. Proceed west on I­ 304/Hwy 12 to Wayzata. Exit 101 North/Central Avenue. Turn left at the top of the ramp onto Central Avenue. Turn right on Wayzata Blvd. At the stoplight (fork in the road), veer left onto Superior Blvd. At the yield sign, take a right onto Lake Street. You can find parking along Lake Street and side streets. Walk down East Grove Lane (at Barry Aveune) to the public beach and the access onto the course.

Thank You:

On behalf of the Chamber we would really like to thank you for supporting this event. This is a significant fundraiser and supports many of the initiatives of the Chamber. If we are all smart and safe this will be a really fun event. Please know you can contact Andrea Bader at the Chamber Office at anytime 952-473-9595 or abader@wayzatachamber.com. If you have questions or concerns. Also, if there are any other interested golfers, you can add to your group at any time up until next Wednesday, February 4th. Larger groups can still register for the 1:30 p.m. tee time.

See you out on the ice Saturday, February 7th! Have fun!


2009 Wayzata Chilly Open Planning Committee
Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce


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