1. Roll Call – All members present.

2. Public Forum – Jack Amdal presented a plaque from IOCP to the City of Wayzata in gratitude for the Cities support over the years.

3. Approval of Minutes – Approved

4. Public Hearing

A. Amendment to the project plan for the Central Area Redevelopment District and on a TIF Plan for Redevelopment TIF District #5 – Res. No. 58-2008 – This is the financial piece that ties back to the Bay Center Development. $22.9 million – $8,000,000 of which is public infrastructure improvement. Includes 4 parcels, the 2 biggest parcels will generate most of income. Runs through 2036.

Has been forwarded and made public. Establishes a Redevelopment District, the longest that can be established, based on blight–duration of 25 years.

Authorizes Pay Go Financing, form of financing that transfers money as appreciation occurs.

$1,000,000 for improvements for the City within the TIF.

The difference between the tax values currently versus the improved assessments will be returned to the developer up to that $22.9 million-and the TIF may expire early. Developer will be allocated 95% of the Increased tax value. The City will receive the 5% to the tune of about $100,000 per year. These funds can be used for administrative costs and for public improvements.

Passes on a vote of 3-1 with Bader saying no, Amdal abstaining for potential conflict.

5. New Business

A. Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka – Rezoning and Comp Plan Amendment. In the Holdridge neighborhood along the frontage road on Highway 12 and Wayzata Boulevard. The Planning Commission recommended denial. 2030 Wayzata Boulevard…R-1 Res to Institutional.

There was a substantial presentation by Unitarian Universalist presenting a number of reasons why this should be allowed.

Challenges building a church in Wayzata–95% developed, not allowed in R-1, Not allowed in Commercial, and finding a 3 acre parcel in Wayzata is extremely tight. A number of citizens of the church came forward to speak on behalf of the project. Former Council member Bob Ambrose spoke against the proposal. Planning Commissioner Russ Crowder indicated that the majority of the Holdridge residents are not for it. He also commented that there is no benefit to the neighborhood. Planning Commissioner Kent Howe spoke in favor of the project. A number of Wayzata spoke out against it. A petition was presented to the Mayor on behalf of a number of residents from Holdridge in opposition.

Wilcox moved to deny. 2nded by Bader. Passes 3-2.

B. Charlie Schoen – 712 Lake Stree E – Lot Combination Res. 55-08. Continued.

C. Bushaway Road Position Statement – Res. 59-08. City Engineer Mike Kelley presented a draft position statement and Resolution 59-2008 that can be submitted to Hennepin County.

After much discussion and tweaking, approved.

D. Update on the Re-codification Project to update the City’s Ordinance Book and proposal for 1st reading of Ordinance to updated code on Jan. 6, 2009. Motion to direct staff for a notice and 1st reading in January. Moved and seconded, Approved.

E. Fire Relief Resolution No. 53-2008 Approving MN Laws 2008, Chapter 349. Moved and seconded, Approved.

F. Adopt Resolution No. 56-08 – Final Tax Levy. Levy increase is 3% increase, when factoring the Big Woods, 2.6%. Moved and seconded, Approved.

G. Adopt Resolution No. 57-08 Terminating TIF District No. 4 (Widsten) – approved.

H. Consider and approve Municipal Licenses – approved.


No Comments from Al Orson.

Mary Bader suggested putting the fees on the website.



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