First Boat of the Year On Wayzata Bay

Elisha and I spent a couple of hours walking around downtown Wayzata today. It was 69 degrees and wonderfully warm after what seems like the longest exit from winter in recent memory. There were tons of people out walking and enjoying the warm sunshine and the views of Lake Minnetonka and Wayzata Bay.

While we were there, we observed couples out walking, young children playing on swingsets, plenty of canine companions, and someone out in a boat running through the remains of the ice in front of the Boatworks building! We could here the ice crunching against the hull of the fiberglass boat. That cannot be good for the boat!!!

People are so excited to get on Lake Minnetonka that they can’t resist boating even when there is still ice on the water! I can relate, as we went and examined our Sea Ray in storage today and starting to plan getting it ready for the summer.
For a more detailed pictoral or slideshow of our day you can visit the following links: View Album Play slideshow.

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