Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Downtown Wayzata After Intensive Search

In a late-night incident on November 20th, at approximately 10:45 pm, a Plymouth officer discovered a stolen vehicle in the vicinity of County Road 101 and County Road 6. The vehicle promptly evaded the officer, leading to a pursuit into Wayzata.

Wayzata PD officers effectively deployed stop sticks, resulting in the immobilization of the stolen vehicle. Subsequently, the occupants abandoned the vehicle, and despite an extensive search involving a State Patrol helicopter and multiple K9 units, they eluded law enforcement.

A manhunt unfolded in downtown Wayzata as authorities sought a suspect who had fled from the stolen vehicle. The State Patrol helicopter played a crucial role in the ongoing search.

During the operation, two K-9 units were dispatched, but both lost scent trails. Despite the breakdown of the primary pursuit, with no suspect apprehended, numerous law enforcement agencies continued to patrol the area in a concerted effort to locate the fugitive.

The stolen vehicle was successfully recovered, with police on the scene awaiting a tow truck. The suspect managed to evade capture on foot, leading to the involvement of multiple law enforcement agencies for assistance.

Minnetonka Police, Wayzata Police, Plymouth Police, Hennepin County Sheriff, Minnesota Highway Patrol, and Orono Police were all called in to aid in the apprehension efforts. The suspect remains at large as the investigation continues.

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