Wayzata Police Warn of Rise in Residential Burglaries

62% of our burglaries for the year occurred August to October

The picturesque town of Wayzata has been grappling with a recent rise in residential burglaries, leaving local residents concerned for their safety and property. In response, the Wayzata Police Department is urging the community to take proactive steps to protect their homes and possessions.

Here, a burglar is captured on surveillance cameras leaving a Wayzata home with valuables:

In a statement released yesterday, the Wayzata Police Department expressed concern about the rising number of break-ins within the community. “The Wayzata Police Department has seen a recent uptick in residential burglaries.

Ring camera footage of someone scampering away.
Post from Ring user dated October 21, 2023

To help residents protect their properties and prevent these crimes, the Wayzata Police Department recommends a few straightforward yet effective measures:

1. Always Lock Your Doors: One of the simplest and most effective ways to deter burglars is to lock your doors, whether you are at home or away. Many burglaries occur because doors are left unlocked or vulnerable.

2. Arm Your Security System: If you have a security system installed in your home, make sure it is armed. These systems act as a significant deterrent and can quickly alert authorities in case of a break-in.

3. Turn On Outside Lights: A well-lit property is less attractive to potential burglars. Installing motion-activated lights in your yard or around your property can help keep intruders at bay.

It is important to take these preventative measures, residents should make them part of their daily routines.

Community Initiative: Vacation Watch Program

In a move to empower the community and enhance security measures, Wayzata residents now have the ability to register for an added level of service by entering their Residential and Business Keyholder information with the Wayzata Police Department. This database will be especially valuable for those planning to be away for extended periods, such as vacations.

Residents are encouraged to provide detailed information about their properties and the date ranges when they will be away. Once added to the database, your property will be included in our list of vacation watches, which officers will check on, time-permitting.

The Vacation Watch Program is a voluntary initiative that encourages community participation in enhancing the overall security of Wayzata. By providing your information, you are not only protecting your own property but contributing to the safety of the entire community.

In times when community involvement is more crucial than ever, the Wayzata Police Department is encouraging residents to utilize these resources to enhance the safety and security of the entire town. It is the collective responsibility of residents, local law enforcement, and the community as a whole to work together to prevent residential burglaries and keep Wayzata a safe and welcoming place for all.

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