Lighting postpones Wayzata Football game vs Eden Prairie

In a surprising turn of events during Friday night’s highly-anticipated match, the game between the Wayzata Football Trojans (1-3) and the top-ranked Eden Prairie Eagles (4-0) was interrupted due to lightning. The decision to postpone the game came with just 8 minutes and 4 seconds remaining in the second quarter. This left players, coaches, and fans waiting for several hours as strong storms passed through the area.

Initially, the plan was to continue the game later that evening, but as time passed, it became evident that a rescheduling was inevitable. Ultimately, after a night of anxious anticipation, it was confirmed that your Wayzata Trojans would finish the game against a formidable Eden Prairie Eagles team on Saturday morning, with the kickoff scheduled for 11:00 AM.

Prior to the delay, and midway through the 1st, the Eagles intercepted a Cole Heilbrun pass after a no-call pass interference against a Trojan receiver by an Eagle defender. Eden Prairie capped a 22 yard drive with this Santosh Bommareddy TD run:

During the second quarter, the Trojans had a tough time when they made a mistake while trying to punt the ball from near their own end zone, when an intentional grounding was called while the Trojan passer was in the end zone. This mistake led to a penalty called a “safety,” and it gave the other team, the Eagles, two points. So, the score became 9-0 in favor of the Eagles.

Right after that, the Eagles scored another touchdown, and failed to score on the point after touchdown attempt making the score 15-0 in favor of Eden Prairie.

However, an unforeseen event disrupted the proceedings as indicated previously. A lightning bolt struck the area to the west of the playing field, prompting immediate safety concerns. Consequently, the game was temporarily halted under the discretion of the officiating crew.

Intense lightning, thunder, and heavy rain pounded the West Metro area for many hours. The storm was so fierce that, even at 10:00 PM, lightning was still striking close by. Because of the danger posed by the ongoing lightning strikes, officials decided to postpone the game until Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.

With the game now set for Saturday morning, Wayzata will have an opportunity to regroup, strategize, and prepare for a contest already with a score of 15-0 in favor of the Eagles. Stay tuned to for more sports.

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