2023 Wayzata Beach Bash lineup to feature Brad Paisley & Cody Jinks

The excitement is building as the countdown begins for the highly anticipated “Wayzata Beach Bash,” a two-day extravaganza of music, community, and pure entertainment held during Wayzata’s largest festival of the year, James J. Hill Days.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Wayzata Beach, this event is all set to showcase performances by two country music powerhouses – Brad Paisley on Friday, September 8th, and Cody Jinks on Saturday, September 9th.

The “Wayzata Beach Bash” has become a renowned annual tradition, drawing music enthusiasts from all over for an unforgettable weekend of live performances.

With the spotlight on two of the biggest names in country music, this year’s event promises an exceptional experience for fans of all ages.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is set to take the stage on the opening night of the “Wayzata Beach Bash.” With a career spanning over two decades, Paisley’s journey in country music has been nothing short of remarkable.

Known for his virtuoso guitar skills, soulful vocals, and a knack for storytelling, Paisley has solidified his status as a country music icon.Paisley’s string of hits over the years has left an indelible mark on the genre. Some of his most notable songs include:

“Whiskey Lullaby” – A haunting duet with Alison Krauss that explores themes of heartbreak and sorrow:

“Ticks” – A playful and catchy track that showcases Paisley’s trademark humor:

“Remind Me” – A captivating duet with Carrie Underwood, highlighting their undeniable chemistry:

“She’s Everything” – A heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of love and admiration.

“Mud on the Tires” – An upbeat anthem evoking the joy of carefree road trips.

“Today” – A sentimental song that urges listeners to cherish the present moment.

Cody Jinks

On Saturday, September 9th, the spotlight will shift to Cody Jinks, an artist known for his raw and authentic approach to country music.

Jinks’ career has been marked by his ability to connect with listeners through his relatable lyrics and gritty sound.Jinks’ career highlights include:

“Loud and Heavy” – A soul-stirring anthem that captures the essence of life’s struggles and triumphs.

“Hippies and Cowboys” – A fan-favorite showcasing Jinks’ rebellious spirit and distinctive voice.

“Cast No Stones” – A poignant ballad that resonates with its introspective lyrics and emotive delivery.

“Must Be the Whiskey” – A hit that explores the emotional impact of heartbreak and regret.

“David” – A moving tribute to Jinks’ late friend that tugs at the heartstrings.

The “Wayzata Beach Bash” promises a weekend of musical excellence and shared experiences. With Brad Paisley and Cody Jinks headlining the event, attendees can expect a captivating showcase of talent, emotion, and the unifying power of country music. As the sun sets over the picturesque Wayzata Beach, memories of this extraordinary musical journey will undoubtedly linger for years to come.

Tickets are available at: WayzataBeachBash.com

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