2nd potential $500,000 pledge for Panoway emerges

Total support to date this year expected to reach $1,052,500; momentum growing as donors step forward

Wayzata Conservancy Executive Director Peter Hitch announces a 2nd $500,000 is potentially available. City of Wayzata.

A yet to be identified former Wayzata resident who previously lived on Ferndale Road and in Harrington House has pledged to donate $500,000, subject to City approval.

Wayzata Conservancy Executive Director Peter Hitch made the announcement at the June 6th Wayzata City Council meeting.

Mr. Hitch also detailed a number of other pledges in recent weeks and days, and indicated that including the initial Carisch pledge of $500,000 the total for this fundraising year to date is expected to be at $1,052,500.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am to come before you tonight to talk to you about Panoway’s growing popularity.” stated Hitch. “Since your approval of the $500,000 lead gift from the Carisch Family on May 2nd, we have experienced a phenomenal resurgence of support for the Panoway project in it’s entirety. Specifically, and this is entirely new information for most people, over the last three weeks, and of course per our policy, pending [City] approval, we have agreed to an unrestricted pledge of another $500,000, coming from a former Wayzata resident…”

The pledge is expected to be before the City Council sometime in June or July for approval pending the usual process for receiving gifts for Panoway. The process includes attorney reviews, the signing of pledge documents and the like.

Hitch went on to describe a number of other smaller donations including a step down on the Lakewalk, two commitments to fund stone benches, and a donation for an additional Adirondack chair for Panoway Plaza.

City leaders expect additional donations will begin to flow in based upon these lead gifts, and additionally once the as construction of Phase 2A including the Lakewalk begins.

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