Widespread fighting, reports of shots fired at Target Center during the 4A Championship Game

Unconfirmed reports of shots being fired as well as large / multiple fights that occurred during and after halftime of the MSHSL 4A Championship left attendees of the game rattled on Saturday night. Amy Parnell, the spokesperson for Wayzata Public Schools indicated via email no Wayzata students were directly involved in the altercations.

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New video and reports raise questions about how many sections of the Target Center concourse were impacted by fighting, how many people it affected, and what security measures were in place by the MSHSL and it’s vendors. This new video has been provided to Wayzata.com; it reportedly has been widely circulated within the Wayzata student population.

Submitted video provided to Wayzata.com of the incident.

This WCCO story shows two fights that occurred, one in the concourse reportedly in section 121 and another outside as fans exited Target Center. Other eyewitness reports reported fighting near sections 131 and 138, raising questions if the fight involved half of the Target Center concourse.

Minneapolis Police responded to possible shots fired at 8:53pm, approximately halftime of the game between Park Center and Wayzata:

Crime Watch Minneapolis reports the fight is located in section 121 of Target Center.

Your publisher sitting in section 131 saw evidence of the fight spilling into his section, which appears to be 6 sections away from 121:

Wayzata Public Schools spokes person Amy Parnell indicted via email that “no Wayzata students were involved in the altercation.”

Stay tuned to Wayzata.com on this evolving story.

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