Area Behind Wayzata Post Office Pocket Park Center of Debate

Editor’s Note: The initial Post Office Pocket Park headline and story implied that that there was debate whether the park was public or private. That is not true. The Post Office Pocket Park is public. At issue is the area behind the pocket park where Garrison Landing residents use outdoor grills. regrets this error.
The Wayzata City Council discussed the use of space behind the Post Office Pocket Park during a workshop Dec. 1.

In this map, the Post Office Pocket Park is bordered in green.
Garrison Landing property is bordered in blue. 
The area at the center of the debate is directly behind the pocket park to the east.

Post Office Pocket Park with Garrison Landing property in the background

The park is across the street from the post office and is in the northeast corner of the Garrison Landing Planned Unit Development at 240 Minnetonka Avenue

The city states that the area behind the pocket park is public. The Garrison Landing property owner’s association says it is a private park space for Garrison Landing residents.

On Oct. 21, the Wayzata Parks And Trails Board passed a resolution 5-0 recommending to the city council to resolve the situation by the end of the year. According to the Parks and Trails board, it brought the issue to the city council in the Spring of 2019.

The city has put together a possible fee that could be paid as part of a compromise agreement to allow the space behind the park to be private.

Wayzata’s city attorney stated that if a compromise can be met a new city council  resolution and addendum to the development agreement that the planned unit development has a combination of dedicated land for private recreational use and has paid a cash fee.

If the two sides can’t come to terms, the city attorney has stated that the city may seek legal action against the property owners.

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