Lake Street Plaza Bathroom Becomes Town Talker

 At the beginning of July, a bathroom facility began to take shape on what was previously the CōV Restaurant parking lot along Lake Street in downtown Wayzata.

It is a portion of a $9 million construction project.

A month later, it has become the town talker. photo – July 29, 2020

“I know there’s a lot of talk in the community about that,” said Dahl during the Aug. 4 city council meeting referring to the construction of the plaza bathroom.

                                            photo – July 16, 2020

“I have received a few comments recently about the design of the project, particularly relating to the restroom which is currently under construction,” stated Dahl.

“Public restrooms were demanded by the business community and property owners as a part of our lengthy engagement process,” added Dahl. “Restrooms are usually ‘necessary evil’ when it comes to public space design. While they are needed there is never an ideal location for them.”

Plaza bathroom discussion during the Wayzata City Council Meeting 8/4/20

“One of the conversation pieces around the location of the restroom was also with regard to the relocation of the trail head and bike parking in the public ramp and close proximity to all those things,” said city council member Johanna McCarthy during the Aug. 4 city council meeting. “So, as I remember the conversation, that was certainly also a discussion point in terms of where we would locate the restroom facilities.”

To get a better idea of the community concerns, asked Facebook followers what they thought of the bathroom’s location.

The comments were mostly negative. A small sampling includes:

  • “Absolutely terrible. No one wants to look at a latrine when you are enjoying $15 cocktails and a $250 dinner. Admit it is in the wrong location and move it while you still can.”
  • “It looks ridiculous. Sit on the patio of COV, McCormicks & Gianni’s and enjoy a view of the toilet.”
  • “Horrendous, the planners and the city should be embarrassed they approved this into their plans. The goal of the Lake Effect Program was to beautify the landscape of our incredible city.”
  • “I would move it.”
  • “I feel bad for the businesses that now have a view of the bathrooms instead of the beautiful lake.”

During the planning stages, the city looked at three options for the restroom:

1.) West end of plaza

2.) Within the central plaza

3.) Just west of Cov Restaurant (current location)

Dahl admits that while it currently looks like a cinder block, the final product will be different.

Photo courtesy City of Wayzata

Photo courtesy City of Wayzata

“The structure will be skinned in a semi-reflective material with a series of white ‘fins’ wrapping the structure to provide further articulation and tying it into the design of the shade structure in the central plaza. The reflective material will reflect the trees, lake sky and adjacent activities, further softening it appearance and further help it blend into its surroundings,” said Dahl.

“Additionally, because it is the only vertical structure currently installed it stands out,” said Dahl.

9 responses to “Lake Street Plaza Bathroom Becomes Town Talker”

  1. The restroom can be built-out by the parking ramps, or use an empty store-front … nothing helps the current location – get it?

  2. Move it! that location is probably one of the prettiest spots on Lake Street. It is one of the first views of the Lake people get driving into town. How about placing it closer to the depot and make a building that reflects the architecture of the Depot.

  3. Stop the insanity. The new public bathroom is an embarrassment to the project and adding a semi reflective skin to the concrete walls will not help. I'm also appalled that the design includes numerous trees that will block the view to the lake. The only reasonable remedy is to start over and move the bathroom back by the parking lot. Moving the building will add to the costs of the project but what is the cost and legacy of being laughed at for years for making the bathroom building the center piece of the project?? Placing a bathroom next to the lake and blocking the view was, at best, an oversight of good intentions?? You'll be forgiven if you make the correction now rather than wait to see the finished product. Please take action to move the bathroom building ASAP.

  4. Do you realize wayzata is a lake community? Who designed this disaster? Move the outhouse to a different location! The city council has been a huge disappointment managing this project!!!’n

  5. Sure bathrooms are needed. But the choice of location is perhaps the worst that could have been considered. This project starts and ends w/ the Lake and anything that takes away from that needs to be eliminated from consideration. These business owners do not want this eyesore here either. They desire some sort of restroom access (perhaps even public) but they want it removed from the view of the Lake. Move it while you still can and the residents of Wayzata will be impressed by the responsiveness and the view of the Lake will be restored.Thanks.

  6. Driving down the hill down broadway ave to lake street isn't quite the GATEWAY VIEW to Wayzata one would anticipate…a big square outhouse greets your visual postcard memory.!!!and by the draft, the plans are to have planted TREES and tree trunks to block the lake view even more next behind the cinder block latrine…will any of the view of the lake be seen when its done from the lake street / broadway ave intersection area..?..WHAT A LOSS of the Lord's beauty by man…[again]..

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