Gov. Unveils Plan To Reopen Restaurants, Republicans Push Back

On Wednesday, Gov. Tim Walz unveiled the plan to reopen bars and restaurants throughout Minnesota.

Walz ordered the establishments to more than two months ago.

Walz announced Wednesday that restaurants can open for outdoor sit-down dining beginning on June 1.

There must be six feet between customers. Staff must wear masks. Max capacity is 50 people. Restaurant reservations are required.

“We had to furlough over 80 people at Bellecour and currently run a take out operation with the 10 managers on staff,” said Gavin Kaysen owner of Bellecour.   “We will need assistance from our Mayor and the city council in Wayzata, finding ways to allow guests to eat outside more, providing us with those areas of dining, without having to pay a normal permit or fee that we would have to in normal days.” 

Meanwhile, hair salons can open on June 1 at limited capacity.

Staff and customers must wear masks in these businesses. They can operate on a 25 percent capacity. There must be six feet between customers.

Some Republicans disagree with parts of the plan.

With the Governor’s plan out there, Kaysen says it’s time to coordinate Bellecour’s reopening.

 “It will not be a light switch that we can turn back on quickly, we will need to take time to be thoughtful on how to open, the safety of our teams and our guests is in unison with our reputation, it is our everything.”

Kaysen says he appreciates the support of Wayzata during this time.

“We really feel that we are a part of this community – so we are grateful for that, we look forward to opening our doors soon and welcoming you all back,” said Kaysen. 

Here’s a link to more information about the June 1 developments:

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