Latest Boatworks Plan Denied Due To Rooftop Equipment, Height, Property Line Setback

On Tuesday, the Wayzata City Council denied the latest Boatworks Concept Plan.

Minnetonka Boatworks concept rendering from Wayzata Bay. Image courtesy Minnetonka Boatworks II, LLC.

The resolution that was ultimately adopted approved the PUD Concept Plan, the shoreland setback variance, but denied the rooftop restaurant ventilation equipment variance, the height variance and the property line setback variance.

The resolution passed 3-2 with Council members Buchanan and Koch voting against the resolution.

Wayzata City Council Meeting, May 5, 2020/Courtesy City of Wayzata, WCTV

The city council action differed from the Planning Commission’s approval on Monday. The Planning Commission had approved the rooftop ventilation variance.

In October, the Planning Commission voted 6-0 in favor for denial of the development application.

                                                Courtesy City of Wayzata/WCTV

In December, the Wayzata City Council passed Resolution 50-2019 denying the PUD Concept Plan and Zoning Ordinance Amendments for the redevelopment of Boatworks.

Courtesy City of Wayzata/WCTV
The main discussion points then were the height of the building, exterior design, pedestrian access to docks and lakeshore and the proposed public benefits.

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