$100k Proposed For Valet To Help Businesses During Wayzata Lake Street Construction

At a Feb. 18 Wayzata City Council workshop, city officials reported an update on the first phase of the Panoway Project funding.

Courtesy Panoway Project/City of Wayzata
There is $200 thousand budgeted for mitigation efforts – to help local businesses during the Lake Street construction.
$100 thousand of that will be designated to a potential valet parking system to help get customers to and from restaurants, shops and other businesses. 
The valet system would be available for a three-month period. 
The hub of the valet system would be centered at the intersection of Lake Street and Broadway Avenue.
“That needs to be presented, assuming that we are generally supportive of that dollar amount, to the businesses to get their feedback,” said City Manager Jeff Dahl at the Feb. 18 workshop.
Increased communication, inventory, and additional risk insurance would make up the other $100 thousand for mitigation.
The initial phase includes Lake Street, Lake Street Plaza, and the Dakota Rail Regional Trail.
The Panoway Project is a part of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) as its own fund (officially named the Lakefront Improvement Fund).
Courtesy Panoway Project/City of Wayzata
Overall construction cost is projected at $9,049,790. 
A re-bid for the construction work that is a part of Phase 1 of the Panoway Project went out January 30.
The bids are due Thursday, Feb. 20.
At the Nov. 19 city council meeting (Nov. 19), a professional services agreement with Stahl Construction for construction management services for Lake Effect’s first phase was approved.
The agreement includes $25,200 pre-construction services, approximately $100,000 for construction management, $50,000/month for construction services and $4,260/month for reimbursable expenses.
The expectation is that the Stahl expenses will decrease the overall project costs.
Lake Effect’s first phase essentially consists of Lake Street, Lake Street Plaza and the Dakota Rail Regional Trail Extension.
 Stahl was brought in after bids for the first phase came in double the estimated costs earlier this year. The city council rejected those bids in July.
Stahl has been gathering feedback from Lake Street businesses and other stakeholders that will be impacted by the construction which is expected to last from March until September.
Meanwhile, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is recommending $10 million for a grant to the City of Wayzata for a boardwalk and for ecological restoration along the shoreline of Lake Minnetonka as a part of the Panoway Project’s Phase 2.
The money is a part of a $300 million proposed investment in water quality and infrastructure projects.
The new Minnesota legislative session is scheduled to go through mid-May. The bonding bill will be one of the big talking points.
Wayzata is like many communities asking for the state’s help with locally-based projects.

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