Racist graffiti under investigation at Wayzata High School

Wayzata High School and Plymouth Police are conducting an investigation into racist graffiti which marred the building earlier this week.

Administrators including Principal Scott Gengler were quick to denounce the attack and issued the statement below.

Racist graffiti was painted on the side of the Wayzata High School. © 2019 Wayzata.com, All rights reserved. No portion of this article or photograph may be reproduced or re-transmitted without written authorization.

Dear WHS Students and Families,

It has been an outstanding start to the school year. Our students, staff and school community are experiencing success in a number of areas. I was disheartened and deeply disappointed to learn that our positive start was tainted by racial graffiti found on the side of the high school this morning. Please know that this behavior will absolutely not be tolerated, and we are working diligently to remove it as quickly as possible.

We work hard to promote a culture of kindness, belonging and mutual respect and there is no place for actions like this in our school. In cooperation with Plymouth Police, a thorough investigation is underway and rest assured we will exhaust our resources to get to the bottom of it. Anyone found to be involved will receive appropriate consequences.

It’s my top priority to provide a supportive environment so all students feel safe and welcome at school. We will continue to build relationships with and among students, staff and families to ensure that behavior like this doesn’t exist at Wayzata High School.

Thank you for your support. Remember that we are always here for you and your student, and ready to listen and help.

Scott Gengler

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