WAYZATA VOLUNTEERS: Garlic Mustard Pull Photos

Image courtesy Merrily Borg Babcock.
Image courtesy Merrily Borg Babcock.
Merrily Borg Babcock posted these images and text on Facebook detailing the recent Garlic Mustard Pull hosted by the City of Wayzata Volunteers:
“I know you may be bored to tears w/me promoting our parks but…whatever. Here is another PARK PERK! The volunteers who came out for the GARLIC MUSTARD PULL this morning at the Wayzata’s BIG WOODS. Although our team was small (7), it was exceptional! Thanks for answering the call for help at the last minute-Holly Sandeen Evans and Brianna, Mary Bader, Lynn McCarthy, Johanna McCarthy and Judith Fansler! You’re the best!”

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