CITY OF WAYZATA: Preserving Trees on Bushaway Road

Pictured (L-R) are Tom Pabst, Bushaway resident volunteer, Manuel Jordan, Certified Arborist, and Greg Brown, URS Engineer. Image courtesy City of Wayzata website.
The City of Wayzata is reporting via it’s website: “As the reconstruction along County Road 101/Bushaway Road progresses, there is work being done on the corridor to preserve the trees. The URS Engineer along with the Arborist for the project is getting assistance from Bushaway resident volunteers to place yellow “caution/cuido” tape on trees to save. Trees closest to the construction area are being marked to preserve as much of the beautiful canopy as possible for Historic Bushaway Road.” is your source for news and information in Wayzata, MN, 55391, and the Wayzata School District.

One response to “CITY OF WAYZATA: Preserving Trees on Bushaway Road”

  1. Good For You Bushaway Group. Without vigilance they (Hennepin County) would do what they want to.Keep up the good work!!

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