Council deliberates cell phone tower options, plans user friendly workshop

The water tower cell phone equipment debate continued at the September 17, 2014 Council meeting with an extensive discussion around this sensitive topic.  A citizen group led by residents on Gardner Street recently submitted a petition with 500 signatures supporting removal of the equipment on the water tower.

Mayor Wilcox recognized the impact of the petition on the decision making process, “We don’t often get petitions like this, and we recognize this represents a depth of concern and emotion regarding this issue.  This has been one of the most complex issues that we have had to deal with for quite some time, mostly because there are very few good solutions.”

After hearing four options to help improve the aesthetic issues of the current site with cost estimates ranging from $65,000 to $450,000, the council agreed to study the issue at an upcoming workshop with options that may include multiple sites in town both east and west, as well as a sequencing of events that would allow for removal of the equipment from the tower for reconstruction at another location(s).

The date of the workshop to study the issue was not immediately identified.  The council did indicate the workshop would be open to the public and user friendly.

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